Course Overview

What brings you here...

Those who succeed in this course, took it for one of two reasons. They either...

Felt stuck in there business, and unsure of what to do next?

Had an idea but didn't know how make it "real"?

Designed to be completed in just two weeks, this course will help assess your business and/or idea and get on track for success.

Each day has questions, insights and more to prepare you with  a comprehensive overview of where you are, and the information needed to develop a strategy for moving forward!

Course curriculum

Course Investment

I am commited to helping you align with your success now. So, don't wait too late, as soon this offer will expire.

Meet Your Instructor

  • Ashley Sharie

    Co-Visionary + Strategy Coach

    Ashley Sharie

    Ashley Sharie is a business strategy and mindset coach. She helps entrepreneurs develop a sound business strategy along with the mindset to successfully execute it. Drawing on over a decade of experience in business, leadership and personal development, Ashley now focuses on the "sweet spot" where business meets mindfulness.